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Where it all began.....


Opened in 1977 by Ronald Clark, Nins Bin is still a family run business fifty years later.  It's changed over time but the essence of the business is the same as it was when Ronald first started selling cooked crayfish from a roadside caravan on state highway one, twenty minutes north of Kaikoura.   Nins Bins philosophy is simple.  Don't mess with it.  Fresh local sustainably caught crayfish and seafood are cooked onsite with nothing more than fresh mineral water, with the exception of fresh lemon and a little garlic butter if you so desire!  Johnny Clark, Ronalds grandson is now at the helm.  The youngest skipper in New Zealand at eighteen, Johnny now does whats in his blood.  He catches and cooks fresh seafood and runs the family business.  Johnny and his team serve what they catch daily with little fuss and continue in Ronalds footsteps to serve local fresh seafood in one of the most breathtaking outdoor cafes in the world.     

Ron Clark

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